Why Use Aerial Photography?

3. Spend Less

Before the advent of drones, the only way to get airborne imagery involved the use of a helicopter or airplane. Even now, companies charge over $500 per hour to fly an aircraft to photograph or film a location, not including permits, transportation, and photographic fees. Drone photography, costing less than $150 per hour, allows better control at a lower expense. With manned aircraft, if you are not satisfied with the shots, you may have to pay even more money to have someone retake the photos. Here at Northern Arizona Aerial Photography, we offer free unlimited reshoots; if you are not happy, we will work to make it right.

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Northern Arizona Aerial Photography is Northern Arizona’s Aerial Photography solution. Our operators are FAA Part 107 certified Remote Pilots, and we conduct all flights per all federal, state, and local laws. We provide tailor-made services for applications ranging from real estate to events to commercial grade mapping. Contact us today to book your shoot!

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