The Journey of a Lifetime!

My family and I are headed on an epic adventure, a four-month trip to Asia! My father, with my family as support staff, is traveling as part of a faculty exchange program through NAU in cooperation with a Chinese university. We depart in the first week of September and will return before New Year’s. We’ll be spending the majority of our time in the Chinese city of Chongqing, a town of 25 million, in the southwest region of China, also known as the spicy food region.

So while I’m traveling, what’s going to be here? There’ll still be a monthly post with an update on the drone industry, new technology, and the latest regulations. Also, I’ll be posting photos from my travels, highlighting the architecture and landscape of the Far East.

Are we still open for business? Yes, even though the chief pilot’s not in the hangar, we have a robust network of local drone professionals ready to help.

Got questions? Want to get in touch? Contact us today or (928) 255-1904.

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Northern Arizona Aerial Photography is Northern Arizona’s Aerial Photography solution. Our operators are FAA Part 107 certified Remote Pilots, and we conduct all flights per all federal, state, and local laws. We provide tailor-made services for applications ranging from real estate to events to commercial grade mapping. Contact us today to book your shoot!


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